Music is the "soundtrack" of our lives. It moves us, whether good or bad, in ways that we cannot describe. A movie without music would simply be "boring" because it would be lacking the underlying mood support. A world without music would be unimaginable, as we all enjoy some sort of musical experience. TOL Cultural Foundation is here to help provide a music education and/or a musical experience for all who are seeking.

We not only provide free concerts that are open to the public, but we host an extensive scholarship program that allows students of all ages to attend various music academies and training facilities. Music is the universal language, and is very important in the development of the complete individual.

One of the best educational opportunities for a musician is to experience playing in a group with other musicians. The TOLCF helps support the Rutherford County Orchestra League through awarding merit and need -based scholarships to well-deserving individuals.

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Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is a traditional, formal style of ballet that adheres to classical ballet technique. It is known for its aesthetics and rigorous technique, its graceful, flowing, and precise movements, and its ethereal qualities.

From this foundational dance training, ballet students are able to qualify for the TOL Cultural Foundation Scholarship Program. These scholarships enable the training of young students for future recitals and/or larger performance opportunities, and they help students attend prestigious ballet schools by paying toward tuition fees.

In addition, support from the TOLCF enables professional-level productions to be produced locally, involving ballet, music, drama and visual arts.

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Visual Arts

The TOL Cultural Foundation wants to support, not only the creativity of the art student, but the development of the artist as a possible career path. Our scholarship program enables students to further their art education by supplementing tuition fees to attend various visual arts workshops, camps, and schools.

TOLCF will host galleries and judged art shows that will feature works of local artists, guest artists, as well as student art. These will be "free", and open to the public for their visual enjoyment.

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Culinary Arts

Nowadays, it seems that more and more people are lacking a knowledge of how to take care of themselves. With new technological inventions being created left and right, many have started living in a "virtual reality" world, not being given realistic training on how to live. TOL Cultural Foundation strives to teach individuals about living to the fullest.

Students delve into a holistic approach to food: from learning about organic gardening, diet and nutrition, food storage and handling; to food preparation, cooking, and serving. Classes range from teaching basic cooking techniques to creating various dished from around the world. There are offerings for all ages.

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