Tree of Life Cultural Foundation 

Donation & Scholarship Fund

We are accepting donations of all sizes.

Please make your check payment donation out to the "TOL Cultural Foundation", and write what you'd like your donation to go toward on the memo line.  

Mail to: Tree of Life Cultural Foundation
                   450 W Main Street
                   Forest City, NC 28043

Thank you for your generosity, and for helping to enrich our creative community.

 You may use your debit/credit card to donate by choosing from the options below.   

All Donations are Tax Deductible by Law

*Once added to the cart, the quantity may be adjusted to your preferred amount of multiples of $25. 

"Planting Roots"

The "Planting Roots" Scholarship is a financial-need support fund that enables individuals who show a strong interest in a particular discipline, project, or event; allowing them to establish and develop without the financial barrier to quell their passion.


"Growing Leaves"

The "Growing Leaves" Scholarship is given to those who qualify based on merit; inspired individuals who show they are deserving through hard work and dedication to a particular discipline, project, or event.


Field Trip/Travel 

The Field Trip / Travel Fund is set up to help/support individuals that wish to partake in the TOLCF Travel Program, but have a financial need that could hinder their participation.


General Operations

Helps to keep the lights on and the doors open.   


Sponsored Support

Pick from the choices below to sponsor a specific individual.  Please contact us by email to let us know the recipient's name and scholarship awarded.  You will be contacted for more info.  

Rutherford County Orchestra League: 
Team Member Tuition Scholarship

Wild Roots Fine Arts:
Spring Session 2024


Private Music Lesson Scholarship

Wild Roots Fine Arts:
Spring Session 2024 - 18 lessons (30 Min)


Early Childhood Music Class

Wild Roots Fine Arts:
Spring Session 2024 (12 classes)